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CBPlayer CBPlayer.EXE 10/20/1998


CBPlayer is a program for playing "Psalm" and "Hymn" via the MIDI system (or sound card).

System requirements

  • Preferable Intel Pentium or higher and MIDI compatible Sound Card.


  • Operating System:
    • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0 SP3. (Installing the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer might be necessary to have the latest updates system components installed! (???))
  • Applications:
    • "Kerkboek Versie 2.0" ('t Schrijverke, 1994-1995)
    • "Liedboek Concordantie" (Uitgegeven door Boekencentrum B.V. te Zoetermeer. Geschreven door G.J. Kramer en A.J.P.W. van der Wal).
WFC 11/17/1998


WFC - Win32 Foundation Classes.
(adapted for Symantec C++ V7.6)

This release of WFC is a copy of release 37, from October 01, 1998 downloaded from
Sam Blackburn's home page at CompuServe at: and has been adapted (modified) to compile with Symantec C++ V7.6 by Jan Knepper. Since the sources are available free of charge at the mentioned page they are free of charge here.
WFC is archived into It has been archives with PKZIP25.EXE from
PKWare available at: WFC is modified in such a way that it is still compatible with the downloaded version and still will compile with Visual C++ 4.2 and higher (if it ever did).


Professional - Download